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Well, I've written the letter out. Jenn posted my 1st draft here. I got a LOT of good feedback. If you read and commented before, PLEASE DO SO AGAIN. I've edited and polished it a bit. What do you all think?

Thanks LJ, you all rock! )
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Ok, you remember the drama about our security deposit at the apartment, right?
Well, the bastards gave me an itemized list, which makes NO sense to me, but their total as to what we paid for our initial deposit ($700) was $200 short! I called and was confused, they told me that the $200 that is non-refundable is because $100 of each pet deposit (1 for each cat) was not ONLY non-refundable, but was not to be applied to any damage or repairs to the apartment... WHAT THE FUCK?!?!
Has *ANYONE* ever heard of this before?? I got a copy of the pet deposit (and I poured over the original lease we signed) and NOWHERE does it say anything about the $200 being not able to be used towards damage to the apartment.
ARGH. I'm writing up a letter today to give to them requesting AT LEAST the $200 back, and also citing my issues with the carpet.
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Okay, it's official. The management at Jenn & my apartment building are fuckwads. I called them today and they told me that they had to replace the carpet, so we are only getting like $20 back of our security deposit (out of a $700 Security Deposit!)

They are so full of shit! I'm going over to the apartment today to knock on the door of the apartment and ask if I can enter and check if they DID replace the carpet (which I *HIGHLY* doubt they did, since we moved out on Saturday July 31st, and they said the new tenants wanted to move in on Sunday, August 1st)

I am SO beyond pissed. Even if they somehow DID replace the carpet, it was only about a 700 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment, so it would cost about $800-$1000 to re-carpet it. This cost should NOT be ours to take on, as there were at least THREE large yellow spots on the carpet when we moved in (ALL of which the lady doing the walkthough with us ASSURED us that we wouldn't need to worry about)

They can piss off. I told them I wanted the itemized explanation of why they kept the moneys from the security deposit ASAP. They told me they would call me back. As soon as I get it, I'm going down to the courthouse to file suit.

ARGH. I am pissed. I kill them. I kill them until they are dead.

EDIT: Okay, I am waiting until tomorrow noon for them to call me back, and if they don't I'm calling and raising holy hell! Grrrr!
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Damn, I am *SO* freakin tired right now. Also, I am still achey and covered in bruises. :p

We moved from the apartment to my dad's house this weekend and it TOTALLY wiped me out. What I wouldn't give for just a day off before friday to rest. :| Exhaustion is causing Jenn to become paranoid and introspective, and it's causing me to become grumpy and less tolerant. Argh. Not a good combo.

We still have to go back to the apartment, pack up the kitchen and the bathroom, take those boxes to storage, and then do a deep cleaning. BLECH. I did some of it yesterday, but there's still stuff to do :p

We took "our" kitties, Molly & Murphy, back to live again at my sister's house. I miss them, but my dad's cats, Shannon & Chang have been such snugglebugs that it's made the transition much easier.

I just got a call from our apartment. They want to come in and evaluate if they need to get the carpet professionally cleaned tonight or today. Argh. I wish I could tell them to sod off. They've been such douchebags this whole time, always acting like anything we wanted fixed or anything was such a HUUUUGE inconvenience. :p I may just go over there this afternoon and do the walkthrough with them and that way Jenn will be spared the stress and we can just get it done with :p Dumb-faces. They BETTER not try to keep any of the security deposit. They already have $200 that is non-refundable with the pet deposit. They can kiss the widest part of my pa-toot if they think they are keeping any more than that. :p
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The night before last I had a strange dream that actually MADE SENSE. Raphael and I were folding cloth napkins into various pretty shapes to set at people's places at tables (like I used to do at an old job where I worked as a waitperson at a spendy retirement home) I was trying (unsuccessfully) to show Raph how to do it and he was getting frustrated. Finally he just said "Fuck this. I'm makin' triangles!" . . . okay, it seemed funnier in the dream and when i said it out loud. Now that I wrote it out, it just sounds lame :p blech.

Okay, I don't know if I've said this or not, but Jenn ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) and I have decided to move back into my dad's house at the end of July when our lease ends. This apartment has NOT been a very good experience, and it is WAY too expensive. We are going to try and save up some money for a down-payment on a townhome, twinhome, or a condo. There's only really 2 things I will miss about the apartment, 1) off-street parking and 2) not having to shovel in the winter.
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Gah. I am tired. I was woken up at 5:45AM by my upstairs neighbor today :p He was playing the drums or his music really loud or something. :p I went upstairs and knocked loudly on his door a bunch of times. He turned the music or whatever down a little, but didn't answer. I was ticked and grumpy so I knocked louder. Finally he says without coming to the door "Too loud?"
"I'm your downstairs neighbor and you woke me up." I told him grumpily. He said he was sorry but still didn't come to the door. Dork. :p I went back to mine and Jenn's apartment.
Of course I couldn't get back to sleep after that. *grumps* It makes me mad that he was that inconsiderate. It'd be different if it had been on a weekend night. :p
Jenn([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) thinks that I should have called the building manager about the noise, but I didn't want to for 2 reasons. 1) By the time they would have gotten there, he may have stopped making so much noise and then I would feel like a tool. and 2) The only place where I could really hear the noise was in our bedroom, and I didn't want to have a stranger coming into our bedroom while Jenn was asleep.
Jenn is afraid that I might get some psycho that will take it personally that I tell them to shut up during quiet hours and end up with someone with a vendetta against me. I can see that this might be a legitimate concern. However, I personally, would rather have someone come tell me themselves that I was being too loud than have someone call the management on me. What do you all think?
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Ok, Jenn ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) and I brought our 2 new kitties, Molly & Murphy, home to our new apartment on Friday. They spent the whole weekend in hiding basically. Finally I got sick of it on Sunday night (after 48 full hours of hiding kittys who were NOT using the litter box, NOR eating) I went into the closet where Molly was hiding and, despite her hissing, started petting her. I know that most people in this entry said that I should just wait them out and they'd come out on their own (advice that was echoed to me by Jenn), but I was sick of waiting! :( I think it went okay, because I just continued petting Molly until she started purring. I don't want to invade the kitty's personal "safe" space (the closet where she's hiding) but that's basically the only place I've seen her! Also, I don't want the kitties to go without pettings and love. I hope that tonight after we've been gone for the whole day, maybe they'll be a little more friendly and show their faces.
Also, last night I woke up to Molly hissing and growling at our bed as we slept. It completely unnerved me. I don't have any idea why she'd be so mad at us. Unless she blames me and Jenn for taking her away from her old home and uprooting her. It's a thought that has greatly disturbed me. I really don't want the kitty to hate me, but I don't know what else to do. *worry worry worry*

In other news:
+ We had spaghetti last night. Vine Zinfandel is MUCH different than White Zinf. It's icky compared to White Zinf. :p Much too dry and it's red.
+ Jenn has to fast tonight for 12 hours so she can have a diabetes screening tomorrow morning at 7AM. No eating after 7PM for her. Poor Jennifer *pets*
+ Next month at work, I've decided to change my bookkeeping system a little so I only record the state the book goes to instead of the full name of the recipient. The full name was important when amazon had different systems, but much has changed and this will eliminate excess typing (hopefully)
+ Fucking STOOPID work computer! Why do you keep freezing randomly!?!? I DON'T HAVE TIME TO REINSTALL WINDOWS! ... argh. Bad technology. No biscuit :p
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Okay, so the bank charge got reversed, and a BUNCH (like $400) of the fees got reversed. Stoopid evil bank. I TOLD YOU SO, Wells fargo. So BITE ME. I will have to check the exact numbers tonight and make sure I was refunded all of the fees. *grumbles*

Also, yesterday night, Walmart took like 45 minutes to fill Jenn's prescription, when they said they would take 10-15. Argh. Add to that Wall-2-Wall Mart was full of idiots. It made me grumpy.

But, on a cheery note, Jenn and I are getting our couch moved in tonight. I *PROMISE* to take pictures of the apartment and post them soon! :) We are moving in our 2 new kitties tomorrow night, so there's no way I'm going to anime club tomorrow. Silly nyars can just do it without me :p

I am working thru my f-list right now and adding notes to peoples :) If you want to know what the note on you is, feel free to ask and I will tell you ;)

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Well, tonight I am going to be doing a TON of packing! Woot! Jenn & I are moving to our new apartment. Eeps. I must take pics and post them soon :) It's awesome! I also MUST take pics of Jenn's awesome commission she received in the mail yesterday from Michael Dooney :D (as well as the TMNT swag I got at con) HOWEVER, all of that will have to wait, along with finishing and posting my post-comic-con wrap up, because TONIGHT. I. PACK. *insert dramatic music here*

To amuse you in the meantime, here are some scary Leo slippers:

Seriously, they disturb me
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Woot! I have MOST of this done. Yayness!

maybe I should divide up my packing tasks so they don't seem so overwhelming )


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