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Ok, I wasn't going to post about this, but it's been almost 3 days since it happened, and it still irks me. Grrrr.

Stuff about work )

Oh yeah, I *AM* working on NYCC 2010 entry (I know, I know, I'm really late) I should have it up by next week. :)
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Well, I've written the letter out. Jenn posted my 1st draft here. I got a LOT of good feedback. If you read and commented before, PLEASE DO SO AGAIN. I've edited and polished it a bit. What do you all think?

Thanks LJ, you all rock! )
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Okay, it's official. The management at Jenn & my apartment building are fuckwads. I called them today and they told me that they had to replace the carpet, so we are only getting like $20 back of our security deposit (out of a $700 Security Deposit!)

They are so full of shit! I'm going over to the apartment today to knock on the door of the apartment and ask if I can enter and check if they DID replace the carpet (which I *HIGHLY* doubt they did, since we moved out on Saturday July 31st, and they said the new tenants wanted to move in on Sunday, August 1st)

I am SO beyond pissed. Even if they somehow DID replace the carpet, it was only about a 700 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment, so it would cost about $800-$1000 to re-carpet it. This cost should NOT be ours to take on, as there were at least THREE large yellow spots on the carpet when we moved in (ALL of which the lady doing the walkthough with us ASSURED us that we wouldn't need to worry about)

They can piss off. I told them I wanted the itemized explanation of why they kept the moneys from the security deposit ASAP. They told me they would call me back. As soon as I get it, I'm going down to the courthouse to file suit.

ARGH. I am pissed. I kill them. I kill them until they are dead.

EDIT: Okay, I am waiting until tomorrow noon for them to call me back, and if they don't I'm calling and raising holy hell! Grrrr!
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Damn, I am *SO* freakin tired right now. Also, I am still achey and covered in bruises. :p

We moved from the apartment to my dad's house this weekend and it TOTALLY wiped me out. What I wouldn't give for just a day off before friday to rest. :| Exhaustion is causing Jenn to become paranoid and introspective, and it's causing me to become grumpy and less tolerant. Argh. Not a good combo.

We still have to go back to the apartment, pack up the kitchen and the bathroom, take those boxes to storage, and then do a deep cleaning. BLECH. I did some of it yesterday, but there's still stuff to do :p

We took "our" kitties, Molly & Murphy, back to live again at my sister's house. I miss them, but my dad's cats, Shannon & Chang have been such snugglebugs that it's made the transition much easier.

I just got a call from our apartment. They want to come in and evaluate if they need to get the carpet professionally cleaned tonight or today. Argh. I wish I could tell them to sod off. They've been such douchebags this whole time, always acting like anything we wanted fixed or anything was such a HUUUUGE inconvenience. :p I may just go over there this afternoon and do the walkthrough with them and that way Jenn will be spared the stress and we can just get it done with :p Dumb-faces. They BETTER not try to keep any of the security deposit. They already have $200 that is non-refundable with the pet deposit. They can kiss the widest part of my pa-toot if they think they are keeping any more than that. :p
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Ok, Jenn and I made reservations on last Thursday night for a flight home from Salt Lake City to Omaha, and accidentally made them for March 12th instead of April 26th because of United's annoying-to-use website. The tickets cost around $130 each, and the ticket change fee is an OUTRAGEOUS $150 per ticket. Thus, we are screwed. It is SO bullshit. I called and talked to several indian service reps who could barely speak english, and got nowhere. So, basically, we are out around $300. *sai* ... NE1 have any ideas what we should do?

Barring that, anyone need Airline tickets from Salt Lake City to Omaha in a week or so??
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Hi all,
Okay, I know this happened last thursday, but I didn't have a chance to type it up until today. I am in charge of doing the mail run at work, which means I run around to all the differnt VOA buildings and deliver inter-office mail. I just started doing this last week, just so you know. Anyway, I accidentally put 2 of the mail bags on the top of the car and then drove off, leaving them in the street (YIKES! BIG WHOOPS! :-O ) according to the receptionist in the place I was parked in front of, some guy in a gray suburban picks them up, puts them in his car, and takes off (WTF? DONT TAKE STUFF THAT'S NOT YOURS!) Anyway, I get a call from my boss's boss (whom we'll call J) as I'm stopping at the next place on the route, and she chews me out for my mistake. I continually say "I'm sorry", almost in tears, and she says "I know you are sorry." (WAHHH!) Anyway, I spend the rest of the mail run feeling sick and scared that sensitive information (and maybe money) has been stolen.
Here is where I find out God answers prayer : Between my last 2 stops, I start praying that God will help that person decide to return the mailbags. When i arrive at my final stop, some nice person tells me that the person who took the mailbags called and he's returned the bags to the place they were taken from (still weirds me out that he didn't just do that in the 1st place) But, a wieght lifts from my shoulders. YAY! See? I should have started praying earlier. Sometimes I think when I have doubts about god's existance that he has to little things like this to smack me in the face and say "DONT IGNORE ME!" hee hee

Ok, and here's the part of this whole situation that annoys me. I get back to my workplace, and my boss comes in and tells me the good news offically, and soothes my feathers and tells me that it's all okay. But he says "J wanted me to wait a while to tell you, and let you 'stew' a little, but I didn't want to. I know you stress out enough as it is." I'm just wondering... WTF??? What kind of manager thinks it's a good idea to let a person who is so upset that they are almost crying "STEW"? WTF? Did she think it would help me learn something or something??? I don't understand people sometimes.

But I'm better now that I've had the weekend to relax. NYAR!



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