Apr. 10th, 2009

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I got this spam in my inbox this morning. It simply said this:

"soon then he has infested her undersized slits"

and then there was a link. (I didn't click on it, of course)

Sometimes I wonder if spammers are even TRYING anymore.


I guess I'm just glad that my slits aren't infested. ;)
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I meant to post this earlier this week, but I got really busy at work. IOWA ALLOWS GAY MARRIAGE NOW!
Iowa doesn't have a residency requirement for marriage licenses, and it's close enough to south dakota (about an 1/2 hour away) that Jenn ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) and I could go and get married if we wanted to. So, this brings up an interesting dilemma. Here it is :
I never really believed in marriage. I've always kinda seen it as something society imposes on people. However, that belief has slowly eroded since I met (and fell in love with) Jenn. This is not because of anything she has done. In fact, she is scared of marriage, due to a failed previous one (maybe I can talk her into writing a LJ entry this weekend expressing her exact feelings). No, this is because I feel a deep connection with Jenn. It goes deeper than "girlfriend" or "significant other" can express. Those terms just feel too temporary.
I also had a sort-of blasé attitude about gay marriage. I felt that it wasn't worth fighting about since I really didn't think a marriage certificate made much of a difference. However, now that I have the ability to marry Jenn, I think I might want to.

What do all of you on my F-list think about this? What are your thoughts on marriage? Those of you who are married, why did you do so? Are you happy? Help a nyar out! Give me your thoughts!


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