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Ooooh! A three part post!! On things COMPLETELY unrelated to each other!

Part 1
Piss off, Kia. My Kia Rio has an ANNOYING "feature" where if you lock the doors using the keyless thingy, and then use the key to open the trunk, the car alarm goes off. WTF?? Argh. Because EVERYONE knows that if you someone is using the keys to open the trunk of a locked car, THEY MUST BE A CAR THIEF!! Argh.

Okay, I thought maybe it was an overlooked little thing, BUT NO. THEY TALK ABOUT IT IN THE USER MANUAL! SEE?

JEEZ! In the stages of planning/designing this, I think the conversation went like this:
Engineer 1 - Oops! The alarm goes off when you open the trunk! Crap, I don't wanna have to fix that!
Engineer 2 - Ah, don't sweat it dude. We'll just stick a little blurb in the user's manual and tell everyone it's a "feature".
Engineer 1 - Awesome! Then we can go smoke a bowl! Plus, everyone knows that anyone trying to get into the trunk of a locked car is up to no good anyway. No way that they would be someone with their hands full of things to put into said trunk.
Engineer 2 - Exactly! What was that you said about smoking a bowl? I was going to design a button to open the trunk onto the remote start and fix the front fog lights so they stopped falling off whenever you looked at them funny, but your plan sounds a lot more fun!

There, writing that little thingy amused me and now I'm not as annoyed at being embarrassed by the Mikey Mobile making a racket when I tried to put something in the trunk this afternoon.

Part 2

WTF?? South Dakota is the second "free-est" state?? SOUTH DAKOTA??? Whatever! They must have somehow overlooked the fact that we've tried to OUTLAW abortion like 3 times, and that we've tried to get something passed to outlaw gay marriage? *facepalm*

Part 3
I KNOW that everyone's got this lil Turtle pet thingy, but I wanted to make one :D

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So, I was looking something up on google today, and this popped up:

WTF, Google? Really?? Did THAT many people wanted to could OWN people of other nationalities? O_O Strange... maybe I should have clicked it and found out more. I certainly wouldn't mind owning some canadians... I could buy [livejournal.com profile] sneefee and put her to work on drawing a new TMNT show for me! hee hee. ;D

EDIT(01/28/2011 @ 9:39AM) : Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jem0000000, I found out WHY people are googling about owning canadians ;D Apparently Dr. Laura got a letter about Leviticus (a book in the old testament for those who don't know, the same one that forbades homosexuality) asking about the other strange nitpicky laws Leviticus contains. I still think it's funny though. :D Here's a link to the letter
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Okay, I was on ebay (working! I swear! The turtles in the sidebar distracted me tho!) and I came across these bootleg(I thinks) Plushies The descriptions of the TMNT were fairly accurate, but for Raph's, they have this:

"He is good friends with Casey Jones, after having to meet him one night on patrol and challenging him to a fight; Casey shocking Raphael with his Thunderbolt/electric-shock power until Raphael shrivels up under the continuous electric attacks. He later loses his sense of taste when Casey Jones dares him to eat a wasabi covered pizza."

WTF, ebay, truely W. T. F. ??? Where in the WORLD did they get THAT info? Is Casey related to pikachu or something now??

Also, Don's bo is TINY! ;D
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It's a short read, but read it and then give me a vote on who you think it is.

[Poll #1059202]

I'm SO confused. I was thinking MAYBE it was Image Cyborg Don... DAMNIT! I HATE YOU *SO* MUCH FANFICTION.NET!!!


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