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The 1st Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie! XD What? It's about family, and isn't that REALLY what the holidays are all about?? ;)

... you're just lucky I didn't answer "We Wish You A Turtle Christmas"! WRAP RAP! XD

.... yes I did this entry just to enter for the $50 amazon gift card ;)
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I had a bully in middle school named Spencer H. (last name omitted for anonymity sake) he was a real jerk. I don't wanna get into what he did because it's painful reliving those memories. Looking back at it, I *KNOW* that the only reason he harrassed me was because he knew he could get a reaction out of me. I also know that the bullying stopped (or at least diminished considerably) when I decided to take the attitude that "it doesn't matter what others think of me or say about me, that is THIER problem, not mine." Sadly, I know that even if I went back in time and told myself this and that believing it would save me a lot of heartache and suicide attempts, I know that I would not have believed it. *sai* Some things are just best learned by experience I guess.

((yes I did this on the off-chance I might win the kindle, I'm a contest monger))
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Okay, first of all, if a person is able bodied enough to try to burn my house down, WHY AREN'T THEY ABLE BODIED ENOUGH TO LEAVE? I could see if it was a small child or someone with metal defects who was playing with matches or something, but this questions SPECIFICALLY said INTENTIONALLY!

Secondly, if I knew where this quadriplegic pyromaniac was, WHY THE NYAR WOULD I STAND THERE AND LET THE ARSONIST SET FIRE TO MY SH33T??? I'm gonna go over to the moron and blow the match out, or quell the fire!

I don't know WHAT LJ was trying to ascertain with this question. Am I a bad person because I'd go for my belongings?? I mean, if this no-armed, no-legged stump of a firestarter has nothing better to do than randomly set my house on fire when they KNOW they can't escape the flames on their own, maybe they just WANT to be dead? And who am I to deny their suicide wish?

*thinks Frank needs to lay off the lead paint-covered pants for a while*

As for what I'd save first, I'd say the kitties, for sure (and Jennifer, of course, but I think she prolly could save herself since she's not a quadriplegic) then my laptop and my phone, keys, & wallet. (and if I had time, my Michaelangelo plushie) Other than then, most of my other things, while loved, are superfluous.
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Yes I do! :)

My old car (a 1990 Toyota Corrolla) was named "Mondo Gecko" because he liked to go up on curbs like a skateboard! (it might have had a TINY bit to do with the driver, since Mondo was my FIRST car, but... ;D)

My new car is named "The Mikey-Mobile" (or sometimes Mikey for short) due to the fact it's awesome and orange. Speaking of awesome, I got my personalized plates and put them on. Here's a piccy!!!

My Car - w personalized plates

Awesome, ney? Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] soliloquy (Jenn) for paying for them. She's my awesome sweetycakes! :D
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These 3:
"Help! I'm trapped in chinese cookie factory!" ;D
"The hubcab from a speeding SUV will lodge itself up your nose" (paraphrased from garfield)
& "Right now, somewhere, someone is talking smack about about you." ;D

hee hee.

Just a note to myself. I need a pouty icon. :P hmmm...
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HELL YEAH. The REAL question is "If you know that a friend is cheating on their significant other, do you tell on them or keep it to yourself?"

Of course, my answer is tell on them, so if any of you who are my friends out there want to cheat around me, just know that I WILL tell your significant other if I know how to reach them. NO ONE deserves to be cheated on.

NYAR! that's just my 2 annoying cents. What are you all on my F-list's answers to my question?
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But truthfully, it's honesty and communicationz ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy's uber cuteness is just a fortunate side-benfit)
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Haikus are stupid.
They make me want to beat punks.
Aska's poems do too.

*laughes evilly at those who have NO idea what she is talking about*


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