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Okay, it's official. The management at Jenn & my apartment building are fuckwads. I called them today and they told me that they had to replace the carpet, so we are only getting like $20 back of our security deposit (out of a $700 Security Deposit!)

They are so full of shit! I'm going over to the apartment today to knock on the door of the apartment and ask if I can enter and check if they DID replace the carpet (which I *HIGHLY* doubt they did, since we moved out on Saturday July 31st, and they said the new tenants wanted to move in on Sunday, August 1st)

I am SO beyond pissed. Even if they somehow DID replace the carpet, it was only about a 700 sq ft 1 bedroom apartment, so it would cost about $800-$1000 to re-carpet it. This cost should NOT be ours to take on, as there were at least THREE large yellow spots on the carpet when we moved in (ALL of which the lady doing the walkthough with us ASSURED us that we wouldn't need to worry about)

They can piss off. I told them I wanted the itemized explanation of why they kept the moneys from the security deposit ASAP. They told me they would call me back. As soon as I get it, I'm going down to the courthouse to file suit.

ARGH. I am pissed. I kill them. I kill them until they are dead.

EDIT: Okay, I am waiting until tomorrow noon for them to call me back, and if they don't I'm calling and raising holy hell! Grrrr!
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Ranting about finances under cut )

In other news, my girlfriend, Jenn ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy), gets deep tissue injections into her neck tomorrow morning. Ouch! So I'll be spending the day nursing my little darling. On the up side though, three day weekend! yay! I just hope the injections really help Jenn's pain. So if you have time tomorrow, please spare a thought and a prayer that the injections work well.

Work Rant

Aug. 26th, 2009 06:34 am
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Ok, Jenn wanted me to write this up, so here I go.

((this isn't proofread, so forgive any glaring errors, please))What? Wiccans are rude? )
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My Doctor's front office staff sucks ass. They were supposed to fax my Rx into Walmart last week on WEDNESDAY. I went round and round with them and walmart pharmacy with each passing the buck. I finally gave them a DIFFERENT pharmacy for them to fax it to ASAP on Friday around noon. They failed on that one. No Rx with them all weekend. I called the other pharmacy today, they had received nothing from my Doctor's office. I called my doctor's office and left a grumpy message with my doctor's ineffectual nurse. Then I decided to call Walmart to cancel the order with them. Guess who FINALLY has my Rx? That's right. Walmart. Argh. I am so grumpy about this. However, it's been 6 days, I've missed my Paxil all but 3 of those days, and I'm beginning to get withdrawal symptoms. ARGH. I will go to Walmart after work today and pick up the meds. Mostly because I'm just sick of the whole thing. *grumbles* Fuckfaces. Jenn is going to ask our counselor, Dr. Flynn-Crowe, whom she recommends as a medication doctor, and I think I will start going to whomever she recommends as well after my next appointment with my current doctor.

ARGH. and now I just got my latest paycheck and it's only for $200 instead of $400. I think it might be because of my vacation, but I didn't think that was effected because of my new "salaried" status. I will have to ask before I put the check in the bank, but both of my bosses are, of course, no where to be found. *sai*

I hate this depressed feeling. I am grumpy and sad and angry and overly worried, and I know it's all because I've missed so much of my anti-depressant pills because of FUCKING ASSHATTERY. *grumps and pouts and whines for cuddles from Jenn*
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Okay, so the bank charge got reversed, and a BUNCH (like $400) of the fees got reversed. Stoopid evil bank. I TOLD YOU SO, Wells fargo. So BITE ME. I will have to check the exact numbers tonight and make sure I was refunded all of the fees. *grumbles*

Also, yesterday night, Walmart took like 45 minutes to fill Jenn's prescription, when they said they would take 10-15. Argh. Add to that Wall-2-Wall Mart was full of idiots. It made me grumpy.

But, on a cheery note, Jenn and I are getting our couch moved in tonight. I *PROMISE* to take pictures of the apartment and post them soon! :) We are moving in our 2 new kitties tomorrow night, so there's no way I'm going to anime club tomorrow. Silly nyars can just do it without me :p

I am working thru my f-list right now and adding notes to peoples :) If you want to know what the note on you is, feel free to ask and I will tell you ;)

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FUCK YOU Wells fargo and your overdraft charges! Spending a total of $29.62 over what I have DOES NOT give you fuckers permission to charge me $500 in overdraft charges!!! And HOW MANY TIMES do I have to tell you that Midamerican Energy is NOT ALLOWED to take money out of my account!?! I *KNOW* I've told you AT LEAST twice! ARGH! *smacks the bank around* Asshats! Coming home to an account balance of -$586.16 does NOT a happy Mica make! *grumbles*
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I got this spam in my inbox this morning. It simply said this:

"soon then he has infested her undersized slits"

and then there was a link. (I didn't click on it, of course)

Sometimes I wonder if spammers are even TRYING anymore.


I guess I'm just glad that my slits aren't infested. ;)
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Ok, here's an update:

+ My Kia is still broked :( poor baby. I'm going to look at it and see how hard it will be to repair myself. It's just putting a new side mirror in after all.

+ The blood came out of my pajama pants. Yay! :)

+ Regarding this post about United. I called later that week (I think thursday night) and finally got someone who would help me. They changed our tickets to the correct date, so that's thankful. Thank God for small miracles. I guess it just took calling several times until I got someone who was willing to help me. (Either that or they got sick of me bugging them)
The scary thing is they still haven't charged the difference in ticket fares to [livejournal.com profile] soliloquy's card yet, so I'm still geared up to kick some ass if they overcharge. That's why i didn't post earlier, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. However, they HAVE updated the info on united.com, so at least that's good. I will print the tickets from there and then I will have them. Who knows, maybe they reviewed the calls and saw how frustrated I was and decided to be nice and not charge me anything more. (yeah right)
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Ok, Jenn and I made reservations on last Thursday night for a flight home from Salt Lake City to Omaha, and accidentally made them for March 12th instead of April 26th because of United's annoying-to-use website. The tickets cost around $130 each, and the ticket change fee is an OUTRAGEOUS $150 per ticket. Thus, we are screwed. It is SO bullshit. I called and talked to several indian service reps who could barely speak english, and got nowhere. So, basically, we are out around $300. *sai* ... NE1 have any ideas what we should do?

Barring that, anyone need Airline tickets from Salt Lake City to Omaha in a week or so??
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ARGH!! I AM GROWLY! I have a headache. My joints ache, my hips ache terribly. I am tired. I am bleeding heavily. I am overly emotional. I miss Jenn. I am getting nothing accomplished. I don't want to be at work right now. I wish I had a katana to run people through with. Fuck PMS. Y do they call it PRE-menstrual Syndrome? I always get it WHEN I have the goddamn monthly red river. Nothing PRE about it.

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Well, everyone's been doing those meez, so I thought I'd be differnt and post a new dollmaker:

elouai's doll maker 3
NYAR! This one is addictive... I think I'll go back and make more! BWHAHAHAHA!

I saw spidey 3 on Tuesday night and I liked it!!

It's spiderman vs EMO spiderman!! Apparently, if you have the Venom smudge on you, you lose the ability to wash your hair ;) And it enhances Petey's geek powers so he's even MORE of a dork!

One problem, the CGI's edges looked too clean. I guess they may have done it on purpose to give it a more comic feel, but I would have liked it with a little more grit so it looked more realistic.

[livejournal.com profile] mandy_nyar and I had fun watching it and making fun of Emo spidey. and Sandman made me quietly sing "Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream". [livejournal.com profile] mandy_nyar says "spiderman, spiderman, does the things a spider can. Climbs on stuff, bothers people. Spiderman" hee hee. She got that song stuck in my head, and it remindinded me of "particle man", so I had to pull out TMBG's Flood and listen to it. Damn, I haven't listened to it in forever.

I dont know why peeps didnt like Spidey 3. I did. It also had a nice "wrap-up" feel to it, it didn't propagandically scream SEQUEAL at me. :) That was nice not to be yelled at ;)

On another note, the local news channels are now calling last saturday "Cyclone Saturday" *rolls eyes* stoopid weather wackos. They have to come up with stupid cutesy names for stuff, don't they? :p



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