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Wow... lots to update, but I'm lazy. :p

A) I had a BLAST in california with [livejournal.com profile] cynlee, [livejournal.com profile] hamatokameko, [livejournal.com profile] brinatello and Christine. However, I have pics for that, so hopefully I will post those later :D

B) Jenn's dad is prolly going to get heart surgery, so Jenn is leaving tomorrow (May 5th) and will be in Utah for THREE WEEKS! D: I am going to miss her SO much!! :(

C) Osama Bin Ladin is DEAD! O_O This quote from Mark Twain sums up my feelings on that quite eloquently "I have never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure." (quote stolen from [livejournal.com profile] neuronautica) hee hee. I hope this clears up all the annoying "birther" nonsense about our president. I SO want Obama to tell the public "Oh, sorry I couldn't get a copy of my birth certificate to you quicker, I was kinda busy tracking down and killing Osama Bin Laden. But next time I'm working on a important matter of national security which my predecessor ignored and you want to quibble with me over schematic details, I'll get right on that." I know he won't, but it would still be EPIC. ;D

D) Jenn & I picked up her xbox while we were in Utah. XD Feel free to add me if you feel so inclined! My Gamertag is "MicaTurtle" :D (Jenn's is "Soliloquy79") Does anyone on my Flist have an xbox? Nyar?
I've been having fun playing some games on the xbox. However, I'm wondering a few things:
1) Is there any cheaper way to buy/earn/get "Microsoft Points"? If you buy thru your xbox, it ends up being like $21.19 for 1600 points (which is roughly 1.4 cents per point, and since a rockband song "costs" 160 points, it's kinda a ripoff :p If I buy the prepaid cards is it a better deal?
2) Does anyone here have an xbox gold membership? Is it worth the price?
3) Does anyone know of any good free downloadable games on the xbox marketplace? Also, is there some secret way to sort by price?
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First of all, Ralph Nader is running again. I voted for him in 2004, and I will again this time. This country needs more quality control!! :D Yay for naughty voting based on an obscure TMNT quote!!! Really, I guess I vote for him because I know my vote for a democrat president doesn't mean a damn thing in South Dakota because it's such a republican state. I mean a democrat who was from here (George McGovern) ran for president and he couldn't even win this damn red state. *sai* Oh well. Go Nader Go!

Here's some tests I took:

I am nerdier than 90% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

I am 71% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

NerdTests.com says I'm a Nerd Queen.  What are you?  Click here!

www.drunktests.com The Drunk Test

I am going to die at 90.  When are you? Click here to find out!

StupidTester.com says I'm 34% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

My computer geek score is greater than 60% of all people in the world! How do you compare? Click here to find out!

The Mario Test -- Create and Take a Fun Test @ NerdTests.com's User Tests!

Do you talk too much in your blog?
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The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
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WOot for quizzes!


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