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NOTE: this entry has NOT been edited, but MAY be edited later tonight, after I talk with Jenn. It is also friends-locked.
NEW NOTE: This STILL hasn't been edited, so it may jump a bit around a little bit in thought patterns. However, I updated the date, added tags, and also un-friends-locked it.

Under the cut, I ramble about changes at work, and why I fear moving to a new town.

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I know I should be finishing up my NYCC Con report and posting it, but I'm not going to right now. I'm too excited!! :D I NEED to post about this, it's IMPORTANT!
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Woot! I have MOST of this done. Yayness!

maybe I should divide up my packing tasks so they don't seem so overwhelming )
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I am still mulling over the issues in my previous entry, and I just wanted to THANK all the cool people on my f-list who replied and gave me VERY good advice

I am going to make a list of questions/life goals like GW (and a few others) suggested.

HOWEVER I just want to make it clear (to others and to myself)that if Jenn and I have a disagreement on one or more of the questions/issues, that does NOT mean we are incompatible and should break up! It just means we need some more time to live with each other and adjust to the other person's habits before we decide to marry. I know right now, I'm leaning heavily towards just waiting. Maybe when Jenn and I reach our 5 year anniversary then I will re-visit this issue. hmmm.

Also, a personal note to myself: Do not rush into this just because Iowa changed the law and might change it back. You are not ready to get married until your answer to this question "Would I still want to get married to Jenn if it was illegal?" is yes.

Nyar indeed. ;)

EDIT: I still no has scanned in my TMNT-U submission. Bad Lazy mica. No cookie fer U!
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I meant to post this earlier this week, but I got really busy at work. IOWA ALLOWS GAY MARRIAGE NOW!
Iowa doesn't have a residency requirement for marriage licenses, and it's close enough to south dakota (about an 1/2 hour away) that Jenn ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) and I could go and get married if we wanted to. So, this brings up an interesting dilemma. Here it is :
I never really believed in marriage. I've always kinda seen it as something society imposes on people. However, that belief has slowly eroded since I met (and fell in love with) Jenn. This is not because of anything she has done. In fact, she is scared of marriage, due to a failed previous one (maybe I can talk her into writing a LJ entry this weekend expressing her exact feelings). No, this is because I feel a deep connection with Jenn. It goes deeper than "girlfriend" or "significant other" can express. Those terms just feel too temporary.
I also had a sort-of blasé attitude about gay marriage. I felt that it wasn't worth fighting about since I really didn't think a marriage certificate made much of a difference. However, now that I have the ability to marry Jenn, I think I might want to.

What do all of you on my F-list think about this? What are your thoughts on marriage? Those of you who are married, why did you do so? Are you happy? Help a nyar out! Give me your thoughts!
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Today's happiness:

DAY 4 (12/29/2008):
WOW! I logged into my email this morning, and my AWESOME girlfriend, Jenn ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) had given me my birthday gift. ONE YEAR OF PAID LJ AND 105 USERPICS!!! AAAAHHH!!! I am *SO* spoiled!!! *huggles Jenn until she is a pile of mush*

EEEEEEEE!!! *squeals and runs around happily, not caring that she is at work* :D

Now I just have to work on a custom TMNT LJ theme and some new userpics :D

Day 1 (12/17/2008)
Day 2 (12/18/2008)
Day 3 (12/23/2008)
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[Poll #1064859]

Answer this! if before 1987, then just choose 1987, sorry, it only lets me have 20 options.

I sadly, was a late bloomer and only became a TMNT fan in 1997

I wanna make a graph of it! so get your buds to come and vote too! :D I left it open for everyone! :D

~Strange Mica at her last day of work


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