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I don't know if any of you have read [livejournal.com profile] geaven's "RAPHAEL: The Owner’s Guide and Maintenance Manual", but I added 4 FAQs to it (at the bottom). Clicky here to go read the awesome ficcage

hee hee. I enjoyed writing them so much (esp the one about Raph's eye. That poor turtle can't seem to keep his eyes intact! ;) and now I NEEDZ to write more FAQs for the TMNT. I am enjoying myself WAY too much. ;D

I will update ya'll when I write more :D

((NOTE: I *AM* watching the comments on Geaven's entry, so if you leave a review on there, I *WILL* see it, no worries ;))
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Okay, I meant to have this completely finished before the end of last year. But, happy late birthday, and this is my gift fic to fulfill this entry. NYAR! :D I hope you like it, GW!!!!

Title: You're Only As Old As You Feel
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Author: Mica
Word Count: 971
Rating: PG-13 (for Raph's swearing)
BETA: None, so PLEASE tell me if you find any errors (I promise to fix them ASAP) I ENCOURAGE CONSTRUCTIVE, PICKY CRITICISM! (thank you [livejournal.com profile] morningstar4, [livejournal.com profile] aussiegirl17, & [livejournal.com profile] jem0000000 for pointing out errors which I fixied, please tell me if you find any more!)
Disclaimer: I don't own the TMNT.
Author's Note: NOTE! There IS no way of telling what a turtle's (mutant ninja or otherwise) age REALLY is, so I had to fudge a little of the facts with this ficlet. The test Donnie is running doesn't exist in reality. :p
Summary: How old ARE the turtles anyway? Don runs a test to find out

oooooohhh! ficlet under here! )
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Well, here's the 1st of my promised Xmas present fics! This one is for Jordan ([livejournal.com profile] aloneindarknes7) She wanted a Rafieo/Mikey ficlet with the prompt "Blush".

Title: A Good Dream
Fandom: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Pairing: Dark Raphael Clone from Fast Forward aka "Rafieo" / Michaelangelo
Author: Mica
Word Count: 377
Rating: PG-13
BETA: None really, but [livejournal.com profile] aloneindarknes7 looked it over for me. However PLEASE tell me if you find any errors (I promise to fix them ASAP)
Prompt: "Blush"
Disclaimer: I don't own the TMNT. I *WANT* to own the TMNT pinball machine though... someday ;D Also, I have borrowed the characterization of Dark Clone Raph that [livejournal.com profile] aloneindarknes7 has artfully crafted for this ficlet.
Summary: Mikey's face is turning all red! Oh My! Whatever shall Rafieo do? (I know, cheezetastic summary ;)

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WHOA! I actually WROTE something! It's been a WHILE since I wrote fanfic :D I wrote this for [livejournal.com profile] tmnt_tuesdays but since I don't think there are any rules against cross-posting, I'm going to post it here to my journal too. PLEASE give me critique on it :) Do ya'll think I should write more fanfic or am I a lost cause? ;)

Title: Rice Candy
Genre: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Author: Mica
Word Count: 481
Rating: G
BETA: None, but thanks [livejournal.com profile] aussiegirl17 & [livejournal.com profile] reijiro for pointing out some corrections! NYAR! :)
Prompt: "Wrapper"
Disclaimer: !ahahahahahahahwb !em rof lla ti peek dna telcif siht ffo srallod fo SNOILLIM ekam lliw I .enim lla si TMNT (This statement is backwards because exactly the opposite of it is true. ;)
Summary: Rice Candy is an acquired taste. ... and Japanese people eat STRANGE stuff ;p
Author's note: This ficlet was pounded out yesterday during my 15 minute break at work, so PLEASE tell me if there are any errors (I promise to fix them ASAP)

WHAT!? Mica can WRITE? Wow! )
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Throwing up a bit of fic with little venus. If people like it I think i will continue it.

Ficcage here! )
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Found this while scrummageing thru disks looking for a copy of YuuJuuFuDan No Kame Chapter 3 (unsuccessfully, if anyone has a copy of it, PLEASE email me {Micasart@AOL.com})

NEways, it's a bit of ficcage I wrote a long time ago. Like in 2000 or so. don't remember what I was going to do with it. I just know I like evil/twisted Leo ;)

here you go:

Mandys right all my OCs end up or start out being named Elizabeth ;) )
feel free to steal/expand on as I've no idea what to do with this fic bit. ;)

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Just to mess with ya'll, here's my first entry. It was written long ago for the TMNT Fanfic contest... I don't remember the rules because it was a few years ago, but it was written to annoy the judges. I think it will make you all giggle :)


Aska: The Musical
by Aska (Mica & Gorgeous)

ACT 1:
Donatello was walking down the sewer, quite smelly,
When he felt the rumbling of his hungry belly.
"I should go above ground to look for some pizza,
And that cute girl in the pizzeria, whose name is Lisa."
So up the ladder Donatello did climb.
To see if maybe, some pizza he could find.
He saw a disaster when he reached his destination.
The pizzeria was closed! The owners were on vacation!
"What should I do? I'm hungry as can be!"
Then he saw a lady, whose shorts ended far above her knee.
She had hair that came down to her ass.
Which would make any man want to make a pass.
"I see your trouble, my handsome young fellow,
I have something in this box that's red and yellow."
She smiled with an evil smirk. Then to his surprise,
She pulled out a box with a pizza pie.
She handed it to him and told him chow down,
He was a little suspicious, but hungry as a hound.
So Donatello took the pizza, and chewed on it.
When he passed out, the lady had a laughing fit.
She pulled back her hood to reveal her face.
It was Aska, the villainess. Oh what distaste!
She called to her minions, her butterflies.
As they lifted the heavy turtle, she said, "C'mon you guys!"
She took his body and disappears into the night,
and thus leaves us to the next part of so hold on tight.

ACT 2:
"Oh where, oh where can Don be?"
"He's going to miss the festivities."
The turtles, oh did they mourn.
They missed don as they ate their ceremonial corn.
The table was lonely, absent one turtle.
"Maybe something is wrong," said Myrtle.
The turtles wondered who the hell she could be.
Without another word she ran off to flee.
They pretended that nothing had happened.
They continued celebrating right there in the sewer den.
They gnawed on their corn on the cob on a leaf.
The trick was to eat it with wooden teeth.
Oh how they loved the next day.
For tonight was the eve of Washington's birthday.
Splinter got up to make a very sacred speech.
The turtles looked up adoringly at their teach.
He cleared his throat to begin.
But just like that he was down like a bowling pin.
He fell to the ground.
The turtles got up without a sound.
"Remember to breathe, master!"
"Hurry up! Slap him faster."
Splinter awoke, and sat up and sputtered.
"Sometimes I forget to breathe, my sons." He muttered.
The turtles helped him to his feet.
"Sometimes breathing can be such a feat."
Splinter leaned against the wall.
He finally let go when he knew that he would not fall.
"Alzheimeriac apnea." Don would have declared,
if it had not been for the fact that he was not there.
"He better get back soon" Mike said as he cut the pie.
"I'm really starting to miss that brainy guy."

ACT 3:
Not far away, in the lair of our villainess,
Aska and her butterflies cleaned up their mess.
"It simply will not do to have my new pupil see this sty."
She looked at the turtle and wondered when he would open his eyes.
Meanwhile in dreamland, far far away,
A young Donatello was hard at play.
In a dream that was eerily similar to Raph's,
He crashed into his brother, and made quite a smash.
How it actually happened, he really didn't know.
But when he opened his eyes he had sai instead of a bo!
Then he noticed the scars on his arms.
These arms were not his! He'd never cause such harm!
Across from him was his body, looking just fine.
'Strange!' he thought, 'well, I'll just jump back to mine'
Then he looked at himself, and on his face was a strange look
He couldn't quite place it, had he seen it in a book?
Then he realized he had seen that look previously.
It was the look Raph had when he smiled deviously!
Oh no! Raph was in his body and he in Raph's!
How could this have ever come to pass?
Donnie screamed as loud as he dare,
He woke up quickly, glad to be out of that nightmare!
But when he looked about, the surroundings were foreign.
The radio was blasting something incoherent, was it KORN?
A pile of junk was stacked several feet tall,
A naked woman stared at him from a poster on the wall.
He was in Raph's room! The smell was horrendous.
And still in Raph's body, his bulk was tremendous.
Donnie sobbed into his hands, in his mind there was no glee.
And yet he wondered... where could his body with Raph be?

ACT 4:
Meanwhile, in the place Aska called home,
The turtle started to move and groan.
The butterfly princess looked on in anticipation,
She sincerely hoped that he didn't have a concussion.
"GET UP! GET UP! GET UP I SAY!" she hollered at him.
He was being lazy, and she WASN'T going to sing a hymn.
Raph opened his eyes, well aware of the body switch,
A sexy woman was yelling at him. Man, what a bitch!
He sat up and growled, feeling quite wimpy.
Don was strong, but weak compared to him, simply.
"Get up, it's time to learn." the sexy woman said.
"I'm going to teach, and you're going to listen.
And I don't want you looking at the way my hair glistens.
I've fought you in tournament fighters before,
I really was unhappy, it was a bore.
But now I shall tell you what is my shtick,
I'm going to teach you the wonderful butt-kick."
"Okay" Raph/Don said, much to Aska's delight.
The turtle got up and the lessons took flight...

ACT 5:
Back in the lair Don was trying to explain, with much despair,
The frustration was making him want to pull out his nonexistent hair.
"Listen! I'm Don, not Raph!!"
"Suuuuure." Mike said with a laugh.
Don growled angrily and went back to bed.
Splinter came in, holding his head.
"Damn stupid breathing." he muttered, "Stupid Crappy"
Then he noticed Mike sitting there, looking all happy.
Mike turned tail and took off at a run.

ACT 6:
Raph didn't see it coming, he didn't have a chance.
He had stood there all drooly, her movements had him entranced.
Her butt hit his face for the fourth time and he was out like a light.
He had been completely clueless, he didn't even fight.
The napping Donnie and him changed back places
And Don (in his own body) woke up to the scariest of faces.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Don ran screaming from the butterfly queen.
He left her and her poor butterflies wondering if they'd been too mean.
He ran all the way home, where all his family sat.
and they lived happily ever after, and that's the end, dangnabit!

Some of it didn't rhyme, and all of it was bad,
But what do you expect when the authoress is Mad?
I have bothered the judges, and harassed the silly turtle fans,
So now off my butterflies and I prance, to work on our tans.
*insert evil giggling here*


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