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Well, I *THINK* the phone interview that I did last Thursday went okay. They said they should get back to me within 5 to 10 business days, so I'm crossing my fingers hopefully! I should know if I got the job (or at least a second interview) by December 22nd at the latest. Yayness! :)

In other news, I spent Sunday night/Monday morning in the Emergency Room at Sanford. Eeps!
At about 10:50pm or so on Sunday night, I was laying in bed watching TV after Jenn had fallen asleep and I got a pain in my stomach, which I mistook for just an upset stomach (I have trouble telling the difference between severe pain and nausea). I went upstairs and took some pepto-bismol and ran a warm bath (two things that usually tend to soothe my tummy) While I was in the tub, the nausea hit full force. I pulled myself over to the toilet and threw up. Up to this point, the experience was something that I had experienced many times in the last 2 years or so. Usually after throwing up or sitting in the tub for a while I feel well enough to go to sleep and I feel better in the morning.
However, after that point, things took a disturbingly scary turn. I found myself in so much pain after throwing up that I was crying (I don't cry very often) I was laying on the bathroom floor, crying, naked and wet. (and if Jenn had been not asleep w earplugs in, I would have yelled to her for help) Thankfully, the pain seemed to come in waves (although I was in too much pain to realize that until much later, when I was in the ER) During one of the lesser parts of the pain, I was able to pull my clothes on so that my dad didn't see me naked when I left the bathroom and went down to Jenn & my bedroom.
I pulled myself into bed as another high point of pain hit me, and contemplated waking Jenn up. Seriously, I wasn't going to wake her up (It seems to be murphy's law or something, but whenever I start complaining about this type of pain, it seems to go away and I end up feeling like a drama queen/idiot/hypochondriac) However, I remembered that women many times have this chest pain and nausea as symptoms of a heart attack. I didn't want to die of a heart attack, so I shook Jenn awake and said "I think I'm having a heart attack!" (I know, what a TERRIBLE way to wake someone up! Yikes!)
Jenn didn't know what to do (I don't blame her, she was sleep-addled, and had taken her Seroquel (her sleepy-time med)) so I went upstairs and told my dad I thought I was having a heart attack. He gave me some aspirin and then called 911. The fire engine and an ambulance came and evaluated me. They wanted to take me to the hospital, but I wasn't sure if my insurance covered the ambulance, so I declined. As soon as they left, Jenn, my dad, and I got into my dad's van and headed to the Sanford emergency room. My dad drove like a race-car driver to get there. It's good it was late at night, so there was hardly any traffic.
We got to the Emergency Room and we got a room right away. They put a bunch of wires on me and did a bunch of tests (can't remember what they were what right now) and took my blood. They figured out that it WASN'T my heart and I wasn't having a heart attack, thank god.
I writhed around in pain for about 3+ hours while they tried different pain meds to see if they would help me (at least that's what I *THINK* the reason was why I was in pain so long) in the meantime, they gave me an ultrasound of my gall bladder and noticed that I had/have a lot of stones in it.
I am unclear on what happened in the time I was in the emergency room. I guess my brain was too addled with pain to pay attention to secondary functions like recording memories. I know that I'm missing a lot of things in my mental replay because I'll say something like "I wish they would have said definitively that it was gall bladder problems" and Jenn will tell me "Ummm... they did, Marne. Like 3 or 4 times." ACK.
They finally got my pain under control and got me discharged at about 3:30am, and they recommended that I just call the surgery doctor in the morning and get the surgery for the removal of my gall bladder scheduled.

I tell you what, if I had known what a PAIN IN THE ASS it would be to schedule my gall bladder surgery, I would have just stayed in the emergency room until they gave me my surgery (another example of my memory not working; Jenn says they gave me that option and I turned it down. I have NO recollection of this)
I called Dr. Tschetter's office (the surgeon who was supposedly on call the night that I came in, even though I NEVER saw him. I only saw Dr. Vankeulen.) and they couldn't schedule my surgery until either December 23rd or January 9th, Neither of these would work, because in case you hadn't heard, Jennifer is having a hysterectomy on December 23rd, and it would be very bad for us to BOTH be laid up at the same time. (it's something I want to avoid at all costs)
Plus the fact that since the attack, my gall bladder seems to protest a little whenever I eat anything. And I HAVE been sticking to a bland diet like they want me to. However, I am afraid of another attack, and I don't want to wait until next month to get the damned little offending organ removed out of me.
Anyway, thankfully I have a sister who is a surgical nurse who works at the hospital. She poked around a bit and got me in for a consultation with one of the other surgeons, Dr. Sorrell, for 11:30AM this Thursday, the 15th. She told me to fast from midnight the day before because they'd probably do the surgery that day. I was relieved.
However, after I went to the trouble and got that all set up, the hospital calls me back and says they want me to see the doctor that I "saw" in the ER, Dr. Tschetter, because then he will know what is going on with my case. I tried to explain to them that I never even SAW him, but they said I had to go see him. Somehow a magical consultation opened up with Dr. Tschetter on Friday at 11AM. *sai*
I am still going to fast the day of my appointment and hope that I get the surgery that day. I don't know if I will or not. I'm going to talk to my sister about it tonight at supper.

I've decided *this* about the appointment/consult on Friday. If they tell me that they think it's something other than my gall bladder, and THAT'S why they don't wanna do the surgery, then fine. I will work with that. HOWEVER, if they tell me it's my gall bladder, but they don't schedule my surgery for later that day, then I will be pissed. I will leave the doctors office and go have Long John Silvers for lunch and if that doesn't trigger an attack, then I am having Burger King for supper! :P Then when I go to the ER, I'm going to stay there until they remove the damn thing!!

I tell you my gall bladder has a TERRIBLE sense of timing. It doesn't need to be pulling these shenanigans right before the end of the year and right before Jenn's surgery! I guess my body says "Hey! No fair! If Jenn gets to have surgeries we do too!!" ;}
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Remember this entry?

Well, I've added ANOTHER poem to my anti-snow tirade. This one just popped into my mind as I was working this morning and seeing all the white crap falling outside my window :< Grrr! Mica no likey snow!

I hate this white shit on the ground.
Jack Frost's face I long to pound.
Fucking snow and bastard cold.
This stuff is getting REALLY old. :p


As always, feel free to tell me if you write any anti-snow poetry, that way I can add a link to it on my original LJ'S ANTI-SNOW POEMETRY BRIGADE! entry :D

((Hmm... I really need an "anti-snow" or a "snow sucks" LJ icon ... I should find an image so Jenn can make one for me :))
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Icicle tears drip down red cheeks
Freezing before they hit the ground
Shattering like expensive crystal,
Mirroring my broken dreams.

Frozen inside, my feeling of hate
Trapped inside it's frosty cage,
My anger seethes and gnashes
Growling bitterly at that damn white shit.

hee hee. I was inspired by [livejournal.com profile] doomcrab's emo poem about winter here, so i decide to start :


Feel free to play along and write your own emo(or not emo) anti-snow poem and post it on your LJ! If you write one, let me know and I'll add a link to your entry! Don't worry about form and function. Any poetry is accepted, even haikus! :D (Alternatively, you CAN post your poems in a comment below, like the awesome [livejournal.com profile] fina_j did! ;)

Well, no one has added any more anti-snow poetry, but I wrote more. SEE? ;)

(Also, just so peeps don't get worried, I'm not REALLY emo, I just hate snow/cold. It's EVIL)
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Ok, so I've tried out the EVIL facebook. My conclusion: it's confusing and evil. I may keep up with it, and I MAY drop it. Not sure yet. Facebook seems to want to crash my computer, so if I can find a way of viewing it that is bare-bones (ie, doesn't show me pictures and plug-ins unless I choose to click on them) then I prolly will keep it. My question is... WHO THE HECK IS ALBERT STOLTZ??? o_O Some of the people on FB scares me. :P
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Argh. I couldn't sleep last night. It sucked eggs. :p I should have posted this meme last night, but I got distracted playing pogo crosswords.

and of course, I don't think it needs to be mentioned, but the fandom I answered this for is Ninja Turtles, of course! ;D

Which of the 7 deadly fandom sins are you guilty of? )

Hmm... so I'm only 70% fandom evil ;D Heavy in Sloth and Vanity. Yeah, that sounds like me. ;)

EDIT: Wait a minute, I think that mean that I think I'm a shizzat but I'm too lazy to do anything about it! .... *blink* AWESOME! ;D
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My Doctor's front office staff sucks ass. They were supposed to fax my Rx into Walmart last week on WEDNESDAY. I went round and round with them and walmart pharmacy with each passing the buck. I finally gave them a DIFFERENT pharmacy for them to fax it to ASAP on Friday around noon. They failed on that one. No Rx with them all weekend. I called the other pharmacy today, they had received nothing from my Doctor's office. I called my doctor's office and left a grumpy message with my doctor's ineffectual nurse. Then I decided to call Walmart to cancel the order with them. Guess who FINALLY has my Rx? That's right. Walmart. Argh. I am so grumpy about this. However, it's been 6 days, I've missed my Paxil all but 3 of those days, and I'm beginning to get withdrawal symptoms. ARGH. I will go to Walmart after work today and pick up the meds. Mostly because I'm just sick of the whole thing. *grumbles* Fuckfaces. Jenn is going to ask our counselor, Dr. Flynn-Crowe, whom she recommends as a medication doctor, and I think I will start going to whomever she recommends as well after my next appointment with my current doctor.

ARGH. and now I just got my latest paycheck and it's only for $200 instead of $400. I think it might be because of my vacation, but I didn't think that was effected because of my new "salaried" status. I will have to ask before I put the check in the bank, but both of my bosses are, of course, no where to be found. *sai*

I hate this depressed feeling. I am grumpy and sad and angry and overly worried, and I know it's all because I've missed so much of my anti-depressant pills because of FUCKING ASSHATTERY. *grumps and pouts and whines for cuddles from Jenn*
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FUCK YOU Wells fargo and your overdraft charges! Spending a total of $29.62 over what I have DOES NOT give you fuckers permission to charge me $500 in overdraft charges!!! And HOW MANY TIMES do I have to tell you that Midamerican Energy is NOT ALLOWED to take money out of my account!?! I *KNOW* I've told you AT LEAST twice! ARGH! *smacks the bank around* Asshats! Coming home to an account balance of -$586.16 does NOT a happy Mica make! *grumbles*
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TMNT Fan FAIL under the cut )
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hi all,
I haven't looked thru my f-list, but I wanted to post this morning about the evilness which happened this morning. You know my new car? My orange Kia? The Mikey-Mobile? SOME BASTARD HIT IT LAST NIGHT! %^#+@%#+$@!!! I was parked on the street in front of my house like I always do. They sideswiped my baby and knocked the driver's side mirror out and knocked out a chunk of the plastic casing. ARGH. They left no note, so I have no idea who did it, so it's gunna come out of my hide. ROWR! I keel them. I keel them until they are DEAD. *sai* I know any sympathy I get is going to be tainted with "well you shouldn't be parking on such a busy street. You need to move" and all that bulls#i+. I just want someone to hold me and lie to me and tell me it's not my fault and that those people who hit me are bad nyars. *whines* Meybee my Jenn-Jenn will do so when I gets home. :(

cut for girly bad stuff and ickiness )

On top of that, I'm moody and I have a headache the size of Zimbabwe. Grrr. Maybe it's a good thing the bastard from this morning didn't leave a note, I might have called them up and screamed at them.
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ARGH. I just got a new monitor (a gateway VX900T) and everything looks funny. I've been mucking around with it all day (between posting books online to sell{doing ACTUAL work!}) trying to make it better *sai* I guess I'll just have to get used to larger font, as it doesn't like to display the smaller font clearly. Oh well, I guess it's better for my eyes that way....

PS Cheesecake is the food of the GODS! ;D


Dec. 15th, 2008 02:28 pm
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ARGH! It is GUNDAM COLD TODAY!!! It was -11°F when [livejournal.com profile] soliloquy and I left for work this AM, and it was -35°F Windchill! DAMN! But, at least I'm not up in Brookings where [livejournal.com profile] mandy_nyar lives. It's like -45°F Windchill there! BRRRRR!!
This is old man winter getting me back for telling [livejournal.com profile] soliloquy that it only gets -30° windchill like maybe once a year in the winter. Well, I tell you what: I IS NOT AMOOZED OL' MAN WEENTAH!!!! ARGH!!


Girly stuff behind cut )


Jul. 8th, 2008 03:11 pm
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So, for those few who KNOW the story, some person involved in a CERTAIN convention called me today and wants his anime DVDs back. I am grumpy. I told him he owes me money. He said to get him reciepts.. hmm... Grrr. I will sent them to him via email I think. If he pays me, then he get his anime back :p I'm mean. I think I will put the whole SAGA up tonight under a f-locked post. *growl*
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Ok, a little clarification to this post yesterday. Bandanas is an OKAY descriptor for what the turtles wear (tho it makes me think of more of a du-rag type thing.) but eyemask is just SUCH a better word for it! :P

THESE are annoying descriptors in my book:
1. Headbands (Brings to mind a valley girl turtle, complete with 80s bangs.. ack! scary!)
2. Kerchiefs (Little old Lady Mutant Ninja Turtles?)
3. Scarfs! (Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] moronqueen I forgot this one!)

Also, these are only acceptable VERY sparingly (or if the story is from a POV of someone who doesn't know the turtles' names yet)
a. {color}-banded
b. {color}-wearing
c. {color}-loving
d. {color}-clad

If you want to use bandana, that is your prerogative, and it is acceptable. I just prefer eyemask because it paints a better picture in my mind.

PS. Please call them mask tails or bandana tails. I don't remember what scary descriptor word I saw the other day, but it made mica very sad. Now I rememeber what it was! Someone called them TASSELS! ARGH! NINJA TURTLES ARE NOT SHRINERS!!
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it's not a bandanna, it's not a kerchief, it's NOT a headband




Feb. 27th, 2008 01:43 pm
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*twitch* My good friend is evil. Not just normal evil, but pokes-small-babies-with-sticks evil ... yet I still like her. Does that make me a bad person?
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Stoopid Verizon. They blow chunks as a cell phone company *smacks them around thoroughly* I mean, WTF? 0.50 a MINUTE for overages? I can do better than that with a pay phone! Grrrrr. So I got a bill of around $350 this month. *sigh* I know, I know, I've been talking to Jenn([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) too much. *grumps* I need to be more careful with my timing. Damn cell phone companies, they are making a killing off of BOTH of us. ARGH.

I WAS going to send Jenn flowers for Valentines day, but that plan is now nixed since I am essentially broke (and I am NOT digging into my tax refund, that $$ goes for the security deposit on our apartment when Jenn moves out here)


Well, I need to harrass my mom tonight into going to another cell company. Alltell or something. Also I need to give her the info on bundleing her interweb, phone, and cable. I also have to work at my Dad's flower shop tonight since it is the NIGHT OF DOOM (aka Valentines Day Eve) blech. lots of Bulhooey to do. Might as well make a list

+ Write HTML for new site
+ Call Mandy II and harrass her about Tshirt and Anime Club
+ Finish HTML and poll for SFanimeclub.com
+ Send Jenn her new icon
+ Work on laundry
+ Email SWLoli about TMNT Lolita dress

sigh. I'm so sick of evilness. GO AWAY CORPORATE AMERICA!
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 Apparently there's a conspiracy afoot to make "falsifying statistics" the most common interest on LiveJournal.

To make it absolutely simple to do so, I've included this link, which will add it to your interests.


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