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Blah. I've been feeling really out-of-sort lately. (like this whole last week or so) It's a strange feeling... Whenever I try to read fanfic (something I usually enjoy doing immensely) I get distracted and just don't feel like reading it. :\ I'm not sure what it is... burnout of some sort maybe? (Even though I don't know WHY I'd be burned out, I haven't been reading any more or any different types of fanfic than I usually read.) I've also been feeling that way about my job, like I just don't wanna do it, and also about a lot of other things in my life. *sai* I hope it's just a temporary thing and I can snap out of it. :P

Thankfully, TODAY the "funk cloud" I've been moping around in seems to have lifted a bit. (Again, not sure why, but it's appreciated.) So at least I've felt motivated enough to write this LJ entry. So that's good I guess.

Jenn, Mandy Anne, & I are going to Convergence, a sci-fi convention in Minneapolis, this weekend. :D It's going to be fun (I'm starting to get excited about it, but like I said it's hard with the funk I'm in lately. Which is strange because usually I'm MEGAexcited about cons.)

Jenn, Mandy Anne, [livejournal.com profile] moronqueen, & I are going to do the sexy turtles cosplay again on Saturday XD It's going to be a lot of fun, I hope. I think it will be better this time because since the Con isn't as huge as NYCC, we can stay together as a group more. (It's *TOTALLY* a costume that needs to be done as a group.)

I'm thinking of pulling out my red Loli dress (or maybe my purple one) and just going as a normal lolita on Friday. Hmmm....
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Here is the writeup about Saturday!! This is the day we all dressed up as sexy ninja turtles. It was made of AWESUHM! :D
Sunday MIGHT be posted tomorrow, but I can't promise, as I am not finished writing it (okay, so I lied when I said I was completely done with my writeup) Hopefully if I don't get it posted tomorrow, I'll get it finished by the end of the weekend (although I don't know, I tend to be notoriously lazy on weekends)
And *MAYBE* I'll have a sexy girl!Mikey icon by then. I just have to remember to ask/beg/cajole [livejournal.com profile] soliloquy into making one for me :D
Finally, as before, I will reward all people who read thru this posting (or actually, anyone who clicks on the lj-cut and goes and looks) with a fun TMNT piccy! XD

Overview and thoughts on the Con and impressions of people in General ~ To be posted
Thursday, October 7th, 2010 Posted 12/21/2010
Friday, October 8th, 2010 Posted 12/21/2010
Saturday, October 9th, 2010 Posted 12/22/2010
Sunday, October 10th, 2010 ~ To be posted
Picture post ~ To be posted

Sexy Turtles, Nakey-Time, and Yummy Indian Food! )
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I'm getting stoked for New York City Comic Con. It's gunna be a BLAST this year. I got the maths all figured outs! :D

If you are Robina, Jem, Jordan, Claire, Jennifer, KellyAnne, or just interested/nosy, click here )
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EEEEE!! Remember this meme? [livejournal.com profile] geaven's present arrived yesterday! She sent me two necklaces, and THEY ARE AWESOME!! :D She sent me two necklaces! One for me, and one for Jenn ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) Due to my inability to read (apparently) I gave Jenn the red one and kept the green one, even tho she meant for it to be the other way around. Jenn informed me of my error when she read the postcard, but she liked the Red one better, so she kept that one :D It was an awesome highlight to my day! It was so awesome of her to send an extra one along for Jenn! GEAVEN ROCKS!!! :D

I still have to give presents to all 6 of my people (there's still ONE spot open, peoples! NM, Jem took care of that! ;) I know what I'm giving [livejournal.com profile] robina1984 and [livejournal.com profile] geaven, and I THINK I know what I'm making for [livejournal.com profile] greenwillow27. However, I'm not sure what I'm making for [livejournal.com profile] colibrigurl, [livejournal.com profile] luckytheevildog, & [livejournal.com profile] cynlee... do you (3)people have any ideas/hints/suggestions? hmmm...

In other news (and pictures)
The AWESOMENESS of Geaven's gift, Me as Michaelangelo, Jenn with Pimp Don Goblet, Ninja Turtle Alcoholism (and drink recipe), and Happy Wiener Roaster behind cut )

Also, Jennifer and I are planning on heading down to Omaha, Nebraska this weekend. We are going to eat at Spaghetti Works and make a nice weekend out of it. :) We are sorta celebrating our 2 year anniversary of being a couple, which was November 6th (I think... correct me if I'm wrong, sweety) It should be made of awesome. :) I hope to have a lot of fun! :D

Finally, if you didn't see my post at [livejournal.com profile] tmnt_adult, then check this shizzat out! Steve Murphy posted an adult TMNT comic by Mirage artists O_O !!! (You have to be adult verified to view the auction, sorry)
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Another post ... wow.. 3 in 1 day! Sorry, it's just I was getting pics off my phone for the last post, and I found some pics I took at the mall (during a trick-or-treat event) last halloween and I NEEDED to share. Sorry about the quality of the pics. They were taken with a camera phone.

Girly Raph:

I'm not sure how well you can see this, but this little girl has some of the blondest and curliest cute little hair sticking out from behind her mask. She refused to talk to me. She pouted about getting her picture taken (even tho I gave her candy) It was awesome! Such a raph type, but that blonde hair just did NOT suit her at all ;) Her mom said she asked for the costume, and they tried to talk her into being a princess, but she would have no part of it. ;D

Grumpy Leo:

This Leo refused to put on his mask to let me take a picture. He said he wanted to be donatello, but the store only had Leos. Poor Kid. He also had a TMNT trick-or-treat bag made w/ movie fabric. :D

Eeee! I love it!


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