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NOTE: this entry has NOT been edited, but MAY be edited later tonight, after I talk with Jenn. It is also friends-locked.
NEW NOTE: This STILL hasn't been edited, so it may jump a bit around a little bit in thought patterns. However, I updated the date, added tags, and also un-friends-locked it.

Under the cut, I ramble about changes at work, and why I fear moving to a new town.

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ARGH! Soooo MUCH Stresss! *pulls out hair*

Ok, My head is just EXPLODING with stress right now, so I'm gunna try to blog it all out.

1) Cosplay outfits: I ordered my Son Goku & Gakuen Kino outfit for Comic Con International(San D Con) a LONG TIME ago! It was SUPPOSED to be here on July 13th... ARGH! and IT IS LOST IN THE MAIL!! ARGH!! I'm very much stressing out. I don't know what I'll do if I don't get my costumes in time. I guess that's a lie. If it doesn't come, I will throw together my Venus costume, and my INCREDIBLY hot layered Kino costume :p Also there will be no Goku to our group... *whines* I will also be very grumpy, but I will get a refund, so I'll have an extra $100 to spend at Comic Con. *sigh*

2) Work Stuffs. I finally got fed up with my workplace. I love my work, but I HATE my superiors. And the company I work for. So I contacted some places and I went to a meeting with another non-profit thrift today, and I may be changing jobs before Sogencon in October. Gah! The stress! I'm just trying not to think about it

3) STOOPID UNITED! they changed our flight AGAIN, now we have to leave @ 6AM on the 25th, and we dont get there til noon. and then we have to go thru chicago! *grumbles* AND THEN THEY CHANGED OUR SEATING SO WE WERENT TOGETHER! I got mad and called up the stupid india-outsourced customer service and raised holy hell until I got a manager and he said he would make sure we could sit together. Idiots. Get your rear in gear united!

4) I have a Sogencon meeting this weekend, and I have NOTHING prepared/finished for it *grumbles* They are having it in watertown, which makes no sense to me. I mean the con is here in SIOUX FALLS, shouldn't we have the meeting HERE? *grumbles some more* I may just ditch for the first time ever... but I doubt it. I've only missed 1 meeting, and nobody in that group can take minutes to save their life, so I'd never know what happened and what was decided if I dont go. *grumbles and clings to Mikey plushie*

4) I LOST MY DIGITAL CAMERA! My Mavica! My baby! gah! It makes me so MAD! I am pretty sure I left it at Otaku Omaha, cuz that's the last place I remember using it. *sigh* damnit, there's another $300 I'll have to shell out :(

Well, I feel a little better now that I've been crabby about stuff. *sigh* I need cookies. and an aleve.



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