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Ok, I wasn't going to post about this, but it's been almost 3 days since it happened, and it still irks me. Grrrr.

Stuff about work )

Oh yeah, I *AM* working on NYCC 2010 entry (I know, I know, I'm really late) I should have it up by next week. :)
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Ok, whomever thought it was FUNNY to break amazon's book-listing system as some sort of twisted april fools day joke is a jerkface! :p pppphhhttt! I'm TRYING to WORK here *grumps*

In other news, both Jenn and myself got blackberry phones over the weekend! It's pretty awesome! :) My blackberry messenger PIN is: 315ED144 Feel free to add me if you have blackberry messenger.

A thank you for all of you who read my last dramatastic entry under the cut )
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I'm at work I just posted a book called "Manhattan Nocturne" ... is it just me or would that be an AWESOME name for a TMNT fanfic?

*Mica has turtles on the brain... can u tell?* ;D
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First the bad news. Contrary to what the CCI guide and website says, Peter Laird will NOT be at comic con international 2009. He says so here (scroll down to PL's fourth comment if the link takes you to the top of the page)

But to cheer you all up, here is an awesome TMNT pic I found:

Isn't it perty? I could watch it for hours ...

BTW, what *IS* a bookplate? and what does "tipped in" mean?


Tipped In: A separately printed illustration, etc., cut to the size of the leaf of a book and pasted along the inner margin of the appropriate text page prior to gathering. Such an illustration is said to be a "paste in." Tipping is a time-consuming, and therefore costly, aspect of book production. (Source)

Bookplate: A bookplate is usually a label pasted into the front of the book-- sometimes it says "this book is the property of: " and then you write your name on it. (source: [livejournal.com profile] cynlee)
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So Jennifer ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) is supposed to find out whether or not she got the permanent job at Citi today. *crosses fingers and hopes* I'm pretty sure she's got it, but I've been wrong before. (God, I hope I'm not wrong here!)

Also, Jenn and I have agreed that we are going to New York City after comic con with [livejournal.com profile] amandatello *squeals* YAYNESS!! :D

On my own job front, I'm a little worried and confused. My bosses called me into their office on Tuesday and talked to me. They said that book sales were not meeting their expectations, so they want to put me on a salary of $500 every two weeks (a little less than what I make now as an hourly employee) and then if I make over a certain amount in sales per month, I will make a commission on what I sell. I was rather worried, and I asked what happens if I don't meet my monthly sales goals, and they said "Nothing." ... *blink* So okaaay. I think my job is safe, since no one said anything about letting me go or anything. Maybe it's just my asperger's and I'm not reading between the lines like I should, but I'm just going to try to let it go and not think about it. It won't do me any good worrying about it. Blech.

In other news, some of you wanted to see my new TMNT "crotch shot" Tshirt. So here's a pic that my sweetie took of me yesterday morning:


I know it's not the best piccy. Sorry. It's such a fanservice shirt! :D It doesn't say Hot topic on the tag tho (no tag actually) It says "Giant" ... strange... and I cant find it on Hot Topic's website. More weirdness. NE1 else find or have this shirt??
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Just a quick update on life, as none of these things are really related to one another.

1. I feel like such a heel because I was kissing on my girlfriend, [livejournal.com profile] soliloquy last night and then she wakes up this morning with a cold sore and she's never had one before. I feel around my mouth and sure enough, I have one open canker sore and another beginning of one. ARGH! I GAVE MY GIRLFRIEND HERPES! :-O (I know, I know, TMI and GROSS) I feel like such a jerk and a bastard, though :(

2. Saw the ending of "Battle Athletes Victory" last night. STOOPID ENDING! argh. I dislike the end of this anime almost as much as I dislike the ending of shaman king or the NONENDING of Inuyasha. I think I will rewatch the 6 episode OVA "Battle Athletes" tho, so I can see if Anna's "secret" is discussed or if I'm mis-remembering the anime. At least it's only 6 episodes of torture if it's craptacular.

3. Jennifer ([livejournal.com profile] soliloquy) is the most AWESOME girlfriend EVER. She bought me a year subscription to the game site I frequent, pogo.com! Here is a link to my profile It is AWESOMENESSS!! Do any of you out there play? I was so happy when she got me a paid subscription (even tho most of the games are free/adsupported) Now I can hang out in the same rooms she does all the time! :D

4. Amazon is being a dork today, as it has been doing since last thursday. Now I could deal with the not autofilling descriptions when I list a book for sale, but now it won't let me list AT ALL. ARGH. So I basically am UNABLE to do my job (list books for sale) and to make it worse, I've finished almost all the little menial tasks I save for when amazon or half.com is being douchey (ie, straightening books, fileing, emptying garbages, vacuuming, etc...) Thus, this is why ya'll get this long LJ entry from me. Joy of joys. THE BOOK SELLING FUNCTION WAS NOT BROKE, AMAZON! WHY'D YOU TRY TO "FIX" IT?!? *grumbles*

5. Jennifer and I are part of a weekly bowling league. On Saturday night, at league, I had a miniature mikey action figure with me. Jennifer was being super silly that night and wanted mikey to play in the ball return. Sadly, she has bad aim, and she accidentally threw him into the chasm where the bowling balls come out of. YIKEZEZ! NOOO!! MAI MIKEY!!! The dude who works there retrieved him for us, grumpily grumbling the whole time. Poo on him. He just didn't see the humor in it. ;)
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Today's happiness:

DAY 6 (12/31/2008):

What makes me happy today is Names!
I work packaging books, and I come across some fun names. Today I came across someone with the name "Karen Leonardo" ;D These are the fun last names I've come across this year while working:

Puhn (ha! A Pun! [livejournal.com profile] raphemer's last name should be this! ;)
Troutman (I AM THE TROUT MAN!)
Cheeseman (Or better, I AM THE CHEESE MAN!!!!)

There are also some last names that would be just TERRIBLE to have. The worst I've come across is "Gay Head", he wrote a book in the 50s called "How to survive High School" ... I'll tell you how to survive high school, DON'T have the name "Gay Head"! Here are some other last names I'd HATE to have:

All of these are REAL last names, only the capitalization of some letters has been added by me.

My fave tho is when I come across TMNT related ones, like this old one, but there are 2 I've come across that are TMNT RELATED that I REALLY liked :) One was "DeLeo", and then comes my FAVORITE, my last name of the year! LEOKUM! ;D hee hee. *dissolves into a fit of immature giggles*

Day 1 (12/17/2008)
Day 2 (12/18/2008)
Day 3 (12/23/2008)
Day 4 (12/29/2008)
Day 5 (12/30/2008)


Apr. 3rd, 2008 03:28 pm
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This Book weirds me out. I sure hope that "robert standhardt" is a pen name. Cuz if you're born w a last name like standhardt and then become quadriplegic, then you KNOW someone up there is messing with you. ;P
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I sell books online for a living.

I just sold a book called "Natural Family Planning" to an... wait for it...


*falls over giggling*

Hmm.. her username is ApriLynn ... does april have a Canon middle name??


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