Sep. 26th, 2011

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Well, as Jenn says here, Jennifer and I have been on a 10-day detox thingy called "Ultra Clear Plus" since wednesday of last week. We decided to do it because Jenn wants to make sure it's not her diet that is causing her goiter and the nodules in her thyroid. Jenn also gets occasional stabbing pain in the area of her liver, and this is supposed to be an excellent liver detoxifying regiment.

We decided to augment the regiment a little bit because Jenn was absolutely exhausted and getting light-headed and feeling like she was going to pass out even when we had eliminated just sugars, meats, dairy, eggs, and gluten. Dropping down to the extremely limited diet of days 5-7 was going to be WAY too much for Jennifer, in both of our opinions. So we decided to just do days 5-7 with fruits and vegetables only.

We originally were going to go on the Rakowski cleanse, which is a MUCH more restrictive detox program (you're only allowed to eat 1 type of green vegetable a day, and nothing else except that, water, and the "medical food" they provide) The reason we were going to try it is because my dad (who is extremely overweight and has COPD) was prescribed it by his heart doctor, and he had very good results with it, feeling much more energized by it. However, when we went to talk to the doctor to get the "medical food", the guy we got it from recommended that we do this less restrictive detox instead, because they only use the Rakowski cleanse for their most extreme cases.

The problem is, this detox is kicking my ass. :P I'm tired and achy and hungry. *pouts, all whiny-faced* I think the worst thing for me is giving up sugar & caffeine. Jenn doesn't drink much caffeine, but I like to have my 1-liter of Dr. Pepper a day (I know it seems like a lot, but a lot of people drink coffee, I prefer Dr. Pepper) Also, I *LOVE* sugar. I have a hell of a sweet tooth, and I know it.

I have insanely intense headaches, extreme fatigue, stomach ache, loose stools, and body aches with this detox. Has anyone else out there on my f-list done a cleanse/detox? Did you have similar side effects? Which one did you try and what were your results?


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